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Courts place Measure 114 on hold til late spring

By Amy Patrick, OHA Policy Director

The Oregon Supreme Court in early February rejected the State’s request that the court order Judge Raschio (Harney County) to vacate his two preliminary orders staying M114. The Oregon Supreme Court stated the case is not yet “procedurally ripe” for them to intervene.

This is a big win for the current state cases and also for the remaining lawsuits in federal court. Since the state judge’s stay against M114 remains in place indefinitely, the federal lawsuit’s preliminary injunction hearing has been canceled and those cases will proceed to trial, likely in May or June of this year.

OHA filed two amicus briefs supporting the lawsuit against Measure 114 by National Shooting Sports Foundation and Oregon State Shooting Association.

To contribute to this effort, and the numerous others on the horizon, you can donate to OHA’s Victory Fund at

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