OHA Legislative Report 

Updated October 30, 2018

Cougar Bill Meeting Scheduled

Advocates of better cougar management will be meeting in November to discuss options for legislative action.  Attendees at this important meeting will include representatives from pro hunting groups, ODFW personnel and legislators and staff.  This group will look at what legislation has been introduced in the past and what sections of those bills, if any, might be used for a bill in the 2019 legislative session.  We will have the results of that meeting in the next Tracker.

Salvage of Road Struck Elk and Deer Rules Adopted

The new rules on road struck elk and deer were adopted at the Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting in October in Klamath Falls.  Here is a summary of the newly adopted program:

  • Deer and elk accidentally stuck by a vehicle may be salvaged for consumption only. Intentionally hitting a deer or elk in order to salvage it remains unlawful.
  • Anyone who salvages a road killed deer or elk must complete a free online permit within 24 hours of salvaging the animal.
  • Antlers and head of all salvaged animals will need to be surrendered to an ODFW office within 5 business days of taking possession of the carcass.
  • The entire carcass of the animal including gut piles must be removed from the road and road right of way during the salvage.
  • In cases where a deer or elk is struck, injured and then put down to alleviate suffering, only the driver of the vehicle that struck the animal may salvage the carcass and law enforcement must be immediately notified.
  • Sale of any part of the salvaged animal is prohibited but transfer to another person will be allowed with a written record similar to transferring game meat.

In a letter to the Commission OHA stated it supported the new program, but added this caution:

“We are hopeful that ODFW and OSP will work together to ensure that those applying for the salvage permits are in fact doing so because of “road struck” kills and not poaching.  It is our recommendation that OSP and ODFW monitor this program closely to ensure that poaching is not occurring under the permit process.”

In the coming year OHA will join ODFW and OSP in monitoring this program closely.

OHA Lobbyist Al Elkins Email: alvinelkins@yahoo.com

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