Initiative Petitions on the Horizon:

IP17 & IP18: Gun Control Initiatives 

Two gun control initiatives aimed for the November 2022 ballot have been filed with the Oregon Attorney General:

  • IP17: Imposes a new, additional permit system in order to purchase a firearm, and prohibits possession or use of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
  • IP18: Prohibits manufacturing, possessing and transferring many semiautomatic firearms.

OHA submitted a letter about IP17 to the Attorney General stating that the petition violates the constitutional provision that initiatives only address one subject.

OHA also sent a letter to the Attorney General on IP18 that in part stated:

“IP18 also purports to prohibit the use of covered firearms for practice and target shooting expressly permitted under federal law on federal public lands such as the national forests and BLM lands, which comprise almost 50 percent of Oregon’s land. The Draft Ballot Title does not inform voters of this radical, indeed unprecedented effect of IP18.”

OHA is working closely with gun advocate groups to stop these two petitions.

IP13: Attempt to criminalize hunting, fishing, and trapping – see side bar information and full information page HERE

2021 Legislative Session –  New laws will go into effect in 2022

By Al Elkins ( & Amy Patrick (, OHA Lobbyists

HB 3152 Wildlife Inspection Points

This OHA-sponsored bill gives ODFW authority to operate wildlife inspection points for purposes of preventing the spread of infections or infestations harmful to wildlife and to further wildlife management efforts.

HB 3163 Residency Requirements

This OHA-sponsored bill makes a change in residency requirements for purposes of licenses, tags, and permits related to wildlife. Through discussions with law enforcement, it was discovered that prosecuting offenders with dual state residencies had become a concern of Oregon District Attorneys and they had become reluctant to prosecute wildlife offenders that fit into the dual state category.

The new language in the bill changes the residency definition so that a resident is a person who has physically resided in Oregon for not less than six consecutive months immediately prior to the date of making application for a license, tag, or permit issued by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission. It further defines a resident as not someone who merely owns real property or pays property taxes in this state; or who has resident privileges in another state or county for any purpose.

SB 289 Bias Crime

This bill prohibits a person convicted of a bias crime committed while on state waters or publicly owned outdoor recreation land from entering area under jurisdiction of State Parks and Recreation Department. It gives the State Marine Board authority to revoke certain privileges from a person convicted of a bias crime committed while on state waters or publicly owned outdoor recreation land. The law adds bias crime conviction to circumstances in which court may order State Fish and Wildlife Commission to revoke licenses, tags, and permits.


To learn more about these bills, visit

Initiative Petition 13:

Access the IP13 Information & Updates page HERE

How can you help? Three simple ways to help keep IP13 off the ballot:

1) Make sure the people in your family, friends, and coworkers are aware of the ramifications and understand the reasons not to sign.

2) Donate to OHA’s Hunter Victory fund for this and other legislative or legal battles by clicking HERE.

3) Talk about the importance of our self-reliant lifestyle. Being less reliant on the national food network and understanding where our food comes from is a conversation that resonates well with people even if they don’t hunt or fish.


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