OHA, NRA win Supreme Court appeal of IP40 ballot title

            The Oregon Supreme Court on March 5 released a ruling in favor of an appeal filed by NRA and OHA challenging the ballot title for Initiative Petition 40 (IP40). As a result of the Supreme Court decision, IP40 is referred back to the Attorney General for modification. A new title was approved that OHA believes is more accurate in describing the impacts of the initiative.

IP40 contains locked gun storage requirements, reporting of stolen guns, and strict liability for injuries.

In an Oct. 15 letter about the proposed ballot title for IP40, OHA stated:

“The Draft Ballot Title for IP 40 is misleading by omission and does not adequately summarize the full and far-reaching effects this Initiative Petition could have on hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Oregonians, including hunters who are members of our association.”

Paul Donheffner, OHA’s Legislative Committee Chairman, called the Supreme Court decision a great win. “The Attorney General completely glossed over the implications of IP40, and ignored OHA’s comments. We are very pleased that the Supreme Court agreed with us in handing down this important decision.”

We would like to thank OHA members, the NRA and the other gun rights advocacy groups for a job well done. OHA is also closely watching the progress of several other gun initiatives with restrictions similar to IP 40.

Gun petitions await Supreme Court rulings

All of these initiatives are awaiting responses from the attorney general or from the courts in response to challenges from OHA, NRA and others.

With traditional venues for signature gathering shut down, it will be a challenge for any initiative to qualify for the ballot.

  • IP 40 – Requires locked gun storage, reporting stolen guns, strict liability for injuries. OHA appealed the draft ballot title in cooperation with the NRA and won, and it was sent back to the attorney general for modification.
  • IP 60 – Regulates semi-automatic guns and large-capacity magazines. Appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court on Feb. 28.
  • IP 61 – Sale/transfer of certain semiautomatic firearms requires gun dealer, safety course, waiting period, age 21. Appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court on March 3.
  • IP 62 – Prohibits firearm magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition; provides for exceptions. Allows persons who have magazines over 10 rounds to keep them. Appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court on March 3.

OHA Legislative Report 

Walkout leaves legislative hang fire

By Al Elkins, OHA Lobbyist


            The 2020 legislative session started in early February at a fast pace with hearings being held and bills being passed.  Then, on Feb. 24, Senate Republicans announced a boycott and on Feb. 25 the House Republicans announced a boycott.

OHA was supporting several bills and following many others. The session never recovered.

Here’s a list of the bills that died as the session reached an early end:

  • HB 4005 Gun Storage Bill
  • HB 4075 Coyote Contest Ban
  • HB 4052 Residency Bill
  • HB 4091 Sage Grouse Fund
  • SB 1543 Group Sports Pac

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