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IP17 gun control measure qualifies for November ballot; IP18 bid fails

Gun control measure would ban magazines over 10 rounds, force new layers of red tape on buyers

By Amy Patrick, OHA Policy Director

Initiative Petition 17, the “Reduction of Gun Violence Act,” has qualified for the November 2022 ballot with over 130,000 valid signatures submitted at the July 8 deadline.

The initiative contains several changes to firearms ownership and purchasing ability, including a new permit-to-purchase procedure administered by a police chief or county sheriff that would include a background check, including fingerprinting and photographing of purchaser. Additionally, the purchaser must show proof of an approved firearms training course that includes a live fire component. The permit-to-purchase, if approved, is valid for 5 years.

As part of the permit-to-purchase procedure, a searchable database will be created and maintained of all permits issued, including expired permits. All firearms purchased by a permit-holder will be recorded in the database and the information is allowed to be stored for an indefinite period of time. The initiative also states that a valid permit-to-purchase must be verified before any firearm transfer at a gun show. “Large capacity” magazines, defined as holding more than 10 rounds, would also be banned from sale, possession or use.

While OHA understands the need for action against gun violence, we believe these purchase restrictions will only affect legal firearms owners who already conform to the current laws in place and will have no substantial affect to the criminal aspect of gun violence. Additionally, the searchable database containing purchaser information and an itemized list of purchased firearms takes this measure far beyond “common sense” gun laws. OHA will continue to stand with our partners against this measure.

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