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Commission tightens trap check intervals

The Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission approved the 2022-24 furbearer regulations at the June 17 commission meeting. ODFW staff recommended no change to trapping seasons or regulations with the exception of one reduction in the trapping intervals. The recommended change reduced the 30-day interval for lethal sets when damage is occurring to 14 days. The commission, however, was not satisfied with the staff recommendation and instead approved reductions to two additional damage-related intervals. The newly approved regulations put in place a 48-hour check time for all trap check intervals except the lethal sets for damage, which is the 14 days recommended by staff.

The commission’s decision was disappointing as it was not based on staff recommendations or the best available science and does not take into account the financial hardship that livestock producers and land managers will now incur.  OHA provided testimony in support of the staff recommendations only, as did representatives of Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Trappers Association, and Oregon Forest & Industries Council.

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