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IP13 reloads for 2024 ballot push

Proponents of IP13, which would criminalize hunting, fishing, trapping and many forms of agriculture in Oregon, are now focusing on the 2024 ballot. They have refiled with the Secretary of State for the 2024 cycle as IP3 and now begin the process of placing their extreme initiative on the ballot all over again.

First, they will need to collect the initial 1,000 signatures needed to qualify for a draft ballot title/summary. At that time there will be a comment period, which OHA engaged in with IP13 to get the language strengthened and more accurate. After that process, and a potential appeal process, they will be approved to collect the 112,020 signatures needed to place it on the 2024 ballot.

The new language for IP3 is, interestingly enough, even more far reaching than IP13. IP3 keeps everything from IP13 and also adds changes in additional sections within the animal abuse statutes.

—Amy Patrick

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