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OHA seeds C. Oregon conservation easement

In response to the Grandview Fire that burned part of OHA’s new conservation easement this summer, OHA conservation staff and more than a dozen members from the Bend and Redmond chapters planted sagebrush plants and seeded dozer lines on Dec. 2 for the benefit of mule deer.

In cooperation with the landowner, OHA seeded the affected area with a mix of local native seed that will provide multiple benefits. It will provide soil stabilization for the exposed ground, provide valuable wildlife forage, and help prevent invasive species from taking over the site.

The landowners and OHA staff worked with members of the ODF Incident Management Team during fire fighting efforts on the property. After the fire, OHA staff and the landowner assessed the area and developed the plan for restoring the burned area with technical assistance from ODFW and input from Monty Gregg of USFS.

The property owners, David and Pamela Potter, recently were recognized with OHA’s Citizen Landowner of the Year Award. OHA conservation staff presented the award plaque to the landowner on the day of the seeding project.

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