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OHA battles anti-hunting petition

By September 23, 2021OHA News

By Al Elkins & Amy Patrick, OHA Lobbyists

The coming of fall brings forth many topics for OHA to follow as the Oregon Legislature returns with Legislative Days in September along with a one-day special session on the topic of redistricting.

The Latest on IP13, the Oregon Hunting, Trapping & Fishing Ban

In September OHA continued working with two like-minded coalitions to develop strong messaging to defeat IP13 should the proponents gather the 112,000 signatures needed by June 2022 to place it on the November 2022 ballot.

IP13 would implement a number of egregious changes to Oregon’s animal abuse statutes, including criminalizing hunting, fishing, and trapping activities. It would classify many aspects of raising livestock as either animal abuse or sexual assault and turn Oregon into a no-kill, sanctuary state for animals.

OHA staff is creating a grassroots campaign aimed at keeping the initiative from reaching the ballot, and our membership will play a key role. Stay tuned; we will need your help to defeat this radical initiative.

For more information on our efforts to defeat IP13, visit the OHA website at:

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