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Muley to make a plate appearance

By September 23, 2021OHA News

By Mike Totey, OHA Conservation Director

The Watch for Wildlife license plate voucher presale is officially complete. OHA has been active in promoting the pre-sale of the license plate vouchers for a couple of years. The purchase of the vouchers was a way for interested people to show their support for this new Oregon license plate, and reserve their copy when it is released. Advertisements in our publications, promotions at the sports shows, and other media outlets helped tremendously in getting the necessary 3,000 vouchers sold.

The Oregon Wildlife Foundation stated in its recent newsletter, “We’d like to thank everyone who purchased a voucher to help make this new license plate possible. Because of your support, OWF will have a sustaining fund through registration and renewal fees, which will support statewide wildlife passage projects.” OHA has become a leader in identifying needed wildlife road crossings, and now we will have a source of funding to tap into to help with these efforts.

DMV reports that production is currently taking 5 to 6 months, so the plates won’t be in local offices until March. At that time, if you didn’t purchase a voucher, you will be able to purchase a Watch for Wildlife license plate at any DMV location.

Are you interested in getting one of the first plates in the series?  As other organizations have done, OWF will be holding a VIP list auction to raise additional money. The DMV gives plate sponsors numbers 00001 – 00020. OWF will auction the corresponding places on our VIP list using eBay. Keep an eye out for information regarding the VIP list auction coming soon.

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