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OHA eyes Klamath crossing

By Tyler Dungannon, Conservation Coordinator


OHA recently obtained information from local ODOT personnel that an ungulate crossing structure currently exists on privately owned lands on Highway 140 west of Doak Mountain. OHA staff confirmed this information and eagerly contacted ODFW and ODOT regarding the underpass and the possibility of utilizing the crossing for deer and elk in an effort to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. This 6-mile stretch of highway has been identified by ODOT as a priority area given the number of vehicle strikes on mule deer dating back to 2016. OHA, ODFW, ODOT and Mule Deer Foundation met at the site in mid-June, and the process to plan and map this fencing project to funnel wildlife under the highway has begun. OHA hopes to soon meet with the landowner and will provide assistance to agencies moving ahead.


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