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Our Mission

“To Provide an abundant huntable wildlife resource in Oregon for present and future generations, enhancement of wildlife habitat and protection of hunter’s rights.”

About OHA Hoodview Chapter

OHA’s Hoodview Chapter is an active group of about 507 members that meets every month, hosts youth events locally and performs wildlife and habitat projects on both sides of the Cascades. Our annual White River project is one of our longest-running and most popular.

Board Members

Chapter Officers

President – Kelly Parkman (503) 706-7481

Vice President – Nate Purdum (503) 515-8946

Secretary – Nolan Doyle

Treasurer – Kaleena Purdum

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board – Cathy Hamell (503) 358-7821

Bob Bucholtz – (503) 227-8955

Bob Hayford – (503) 351-7764

Kevin Hamell – (503) 807-2934

Don Lyon – (503) 282-8132

Rick Lazott – (971) 409-4115

Leslie Shaw – (503) 312-7643

Del DeSart

Deb DeSart

Chad Purdum

Dale Ballard

Jeff Senger

Chuck Hoffman


OHA is one of the largest conservation groups in the state of Oregon but we are always looking for new members who are passionate about our hunting heritage. We need your support and value your input. Please join OHA and it will help us to carry out our mission. OHA is made up of over 20 chapters throughout the state. Two ways to join:

1) Click the application link that follows to download an application form, fill it out, and mail it to the OHA state office.


2) Link over to the OHA State website and select from one of the online purchase options.

Online Application

You can specify a chapter that you would like to join or the OHA state office will assign you to the one that is closest to your mailing address.

Hunting News

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White River Project

Our work party at the White River Wildlife Area will…
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ODFW Adult Pheasant Hunt

Board Chairman Kelly Parkman had a fantastic time at the…
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2015 Sportsman’s Banquet SUCCESS!!!

What an outstanding time we had giving away and auctioning…
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Sportman’s Banquet

Raffle Ticket Sales

Youth Turkey Clinic

Hoodview had to move our 20’ storage container recently. It’s a big event!


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Please feel free to contact any of our board members if you are interested in becoming a member, donating or volunteering at any of our activities. Thanks Again!!!