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“Good Hunting”

Next Meeting:

March 13th, 7PM
King Buffet, 2000 NE Third St #104
Bend, Oregon 97701

The Bend Chapter is one of the OHA’s original chapters.

Oregon Hunters Association is a family oriented organization and the largest non-profit conservation group in the state. OHA volunteers contribute thousands of hours, dollars, and miles driven in personal vehicles to benefit public lands and resources each year.

Among the objectives of the Bend chapter are habitat conservation and enhancement, hunters rights and ethics, and hunter education. An annual banquet, the Mule Deer Classic generates most of our financial support. All funds from this banquet stay in Oregon and go towards the support of:

  • The Charles L Beckley memorial scholarship
  • An annual upland bird hunt for youth
  • The TIP (Turn In Poachers) program which is sponsored state wide
  • Numerous habitat preservation and improvement projects in Central Oregon and, in conjunction, with other OHA chapters, around the state
  • Hunter education classes for all ages
  • Funding for a full-time lobbyist to fight for hunters rights and opportunities at the state level


2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm
King Buffet
2000 NE 3rd St #104, Bend, OR 97701

Chapter Officers:

Chapter President: Unfilled

1st Vice President: Bob Dixon (503) 572-2805

2nd Vice President: Doug Stout (541) 312-8332

Secretary: Wendy Jordan (503) 572-2806

Treasurer: John Bambe (541) 388-8478

Past President: Bill Littlefield (541) 429-2950

Project / Volunteer Coordinator
Eric Brown – (541) 330-0140

Paulina Project Coordinator
Fred Newton – (541) 389-1321

Youth Events Coordinator – Member At Large:
Kevin Borst – (541) 388-7337

Media and Web Site Coordinator – Member At Large:
Dale Putman – (541) 410-6821


OHA is one of the largest conservation groups in the state of Oregon but we are always looking for new members who are passionate about our hunting heritage. We need your support and value your input. Please join OHA and it will help us to carry out our mission. OHA is made up of over 20 chapters throughout the state. Two ways to join:

1) Click the application link that follows to download an application form, fill it out, and mail it to the OHA state office.


2) Link over to the OHA State website and select from one of the online purchase options.

Online Application

You can specify a chapter that you would like to join or the OHA state office will assign you to the one that is closest to your mailing address.

Charles Beckley Scholarship

The Bend Chapter of the Oregon Hunters Association has established a scholarship for higher education honoring the life-time member Charles Beckley, who passed away in 2004. Mr. Beckley was a dedicated OHA member, hunter, teacher, and was among the first hunter education instructors in Oregon. This scholarship furthers OHA’s goal of helping to educate future hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in Oregon.

Each year the Bend Chapter accepts applications for scholarships. Qualified applicants will be Bend Chapter OHA members and have a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Applications must be postmarked by the April 15th deadline each year. All applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee and grants are awarded to those individuals that the committee feels are most deserving based on our award criteria. Grants are paid directly to the school’s scholarship department and must be used for the year or term for which they were awarded. For more details about the scholarship application process or criteria, please click on the links below and download the information. Good luck!

Beckley Scholarship Information & Application

For additional information about how to apply, you can contact an OHA representative by calling (541) 480-9848.

OHA Bend Chapter Work

Each year several projects and activities are organized and carried out that support our mission. As we define them and set dates we’ll post information here. We encourage all members to come join us in the field. It is here we often make great friendships and get to give back to the resources that we are passionate about. Most of our projects take place during the summer months when the outdoor conditions and weather allow us to be most effective.

In 2017 the Bend Chapter:

  1. Maintained and repaired 8 miles of fence supporting the Lava Butte wildlife crossings under Hwy 97 including emergency repairs in December when a vehicle accident wiped out over a 100 feet of fence.
  2. Rebuilt a Walker Range Guzzler on the Gilchrist State Forest.
  3. Cleared several more acres of juniper on the ongoing Flymon Project near Lake Billy Chinook in a one day effort as part of a chainsaw certification class that all volunteer saw users are now required to pass to use chainsaws on our National Forest projects. Eleven saw users are now certified.
  4. Maintained and repaired several guzzlers in the Big Summit area on the Ochoco National Forest.
  5. Held the 5th annual Youth and Family Fun Day event and another annual Youth Upland Bird Hunt.
  6. Provided 5 individual scholarships by way of the Beckley Scholarship program.
  7. Received a 2016 National Volunteers and Service Restoration Award for from the USFS National Office.

Newsletters & Publications

OHA – Tracker, Yearlings & Other

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Photo Galleries

2017 – Youth Upland Bird Hunt

2017 – Youth and Family Day

2016 – Youth Upland Bird Hunt

2016 – Eric Brown

Greg and Bear’s Bucks

2016 Nate Ort 6X6
2016 Borst, Putman, Geiger Wyoming Pronghorn

2016 Yow Family

2016 Karl Findling
Record Book Bear

2016 Crescent Elk Meadow Thinning

2016 Ochoco Multi Ch Project

2016 Crawford Juniper Clearing

Dale Putman

Greg Petsch

2016 OHA Bend Chapter
Youth and Family Day

2016 Flymon Project

2016 Cline Buttes Planting

2014 Youth Bird Hunt

OHA Food Donations

2014 Members Hunting Photos

2014 Banquet Photos


R Baltz Cougar 2014

Bill Barchuk – 2013

Bend OHA Member – Jim Mooer

R Baltz Cougar 2014

Dave Pond’s Sons

My Grandson Caleb’s 1st Deer

Dave J’s Bear Pictures

Brooke Murphy

Dr Brad Hester
2012 Oregon Bighorn Ram

Craig Nelson
2012 Cascade Bull

Winter Scholarship Award

Kevin Borst-Chukar Hunting

Paul Smith

Monte Gregg

2012 Top Guns

Guzzler Site Visitors

Mikayla Lewis – 2012

Greg Petsch 2012 Antelope



2012 Chapter Camp-Out

2012 Guzzler Maintenance


OHA Summer Scholarship Award

Sisters Planting

2011 Bend Chapter
Food Donation

2011 Paulina Habitat Projects

2011 Elk Meadow Thinning Project


January 2019

Jan 2
MDC Planning Mtg – 6pm
Round Table Pizza
1552 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

Jan 16
MDC Planning Mtg – 6pm
Round Table Pizza
1552 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

Jan 30
MDC Planning Mtg – 6pm
Round Table Pizza
1552 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

February 2019

Feb 20
MDC Planning Mtg – 6pm
Round Table Pizza
1552 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

Feb 27
MDC Planning Mtg – 6pm
Round Table Pizza
1552 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

February 2019

Mar 6
MDC Planning Mtg – 6pm
Round Table Pizza
1552 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

Mar 16
Mule Deer Classic Banquet
The Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center
Bend, OR 97701

Bend area classes start:

February 25th and April 29th, 2019. To register click on the button below.

Upcoming Hunter Education Classes and Field Days