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CWD detected in two Idaho mule deer

By Mike Totey, Conservation Director

Two mule deer bucks harvested in
October in the Slate Creek drainage near
Lucile in Idaho County, Idaho, tested
positive for Chronic Wasting Disease
(CWD), according to Idaho Fish and
Game. This is the first confirmed detection of CWD in a state adjoining Oregon, and cause for concern.
CWD, known to exist in the western
United States for over 40 years, is fatal
to deer, elk, moose and caribou. To sample for CWD, lymph node tissue from fresh or frozen harvested heads
are extracted. Meat or muscle tissue cannot be used to test for CWD. Samples from the diseased mule deer were tested
at the Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and are being verified by the National Veterinary Services
Laboratories in Ames, Iowa.
The passage of an OHA-supported
bill to authorize game check stations will
be a critical part of efforts to monitor for
this disease and others in Oregon.
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