Initiative Petition 13 – News & Updates

Initiative Petition 13 (IP13) is an initiative intended for the November 2022 General Election that would criminalize hunting, fishing, trapping, and raising livestock in Oregon.


December Update – OHA is speaking out against IP13!

OHA’s Letter to the Editor published in the Oregonian in response to the IP13 proponents Op-Ed

Amy Patrick, OHA policy director, spoke with Bill Gaines of The Outdoor View about IP13 and its effects, not just on fishing, hunting, and trapping, but on every Oregonian.

Watch for OHA’s podcast with Robbie Kroger on Blood Origins coming out in early 2022.

October Update:

Many people continue to contact us regarding IP13 and it’s ramifications for the hunting, fishing, and trapping communities within the state.  Make no mistake, this initiative is not about animal rights and preventing animal abuse; this is an attempt to force Oregonians to adopt a vegan lifestyle or rely on meat and dairy products shipped in from other states.  Gone would be the days of self-sufficiently raising or harvesting your own animals for your freezer.  But the sportsmen and women of this state are making their voices heard…and the IP13 proponents are hearing it!  In a recent interview, David Michelson, the IP13 filer, stated that the most pushback they have heard has been from the hunting community.  And we will continue to spread the word and carry the message that Oregonians have the right to live self-sufficient lifestyles, to hunt and fish, to raise our own animals, and to lessen our reliance on the national food network and it’s recent tenuousness.

Soon we will be reaching out to members with talking points and messaging to share with your family, neighbors, coworkers, anyone in your circle that should know about the far reaching effects of this terribly radical initiative. Stay tuned…


August 13 Update:

We’ve had many requests from folks asking what they can do to help in the fight again IP13.  Until we have further campaign messaging and actions to take, here’s three simple ways to help keep the initiative off the ballot:

1) Make sure the people in your family, friends, and coworkers are aware of the ramifications and understand the reasons not to sign.

2) Talk about the importance of our self-reliant lifestyle. Being less reliant on the national food network and understanding where our food comes from is a conversation that resonates well with people even if they don’t hunt or fish.

3) Register to vote!  Click HERE.

4) Join OHA!  We are the voice of Oregon hunters; join the fight by clicking HERE.

5) Donate to OHA’s Hunter Victory fund for this and other legislative or legal battles by clicking HERE.

New flyer added below to share what can be done currently in the fight against IP13.


July 16 Update:

The July 6 deadline for appeals to the certified ballot language has passed with no appeals being filed.  As such, the certified ballot language stands as is and the clock begins for the proponents to gather the 112,020 signatures needed by July 2022 to place the initiative on the November 2022 ballot.

This is the time when those of us committed to maintaining a self-reliant lifestyle by hunting, fishing, trapping, or raising our own livestock need to make sure the people around us understand the impacts of IP13.  The goal is to spread the message of the devastating effects this measure would have and prevent it from reaching the ballot.

We will continue to update this page with the latest information and tools for spreading the word….check back often.


June 21 Update:

The Oregon Attorney General’s office has revised the ballot language based on comments submitted by Oregon Hunters Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, Oregon Outdoor Council. Oregon Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Oregon Trappers Association, Sportsmen’s Alliance, National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.

While the measure itself is unchanged in its extremism, the revised ballot language more clearly explains the impacts this measure would have on all Oregonians.  The certified ballot language is linked HERE.  Any appeals to the certification of the ballot language must be filed by July 6, 2021; if there is no appeal the petitioners must then begin collecting the 112,020 signatures needed by June 2022.

The complete initiative language is linked here: IP13 Language (Reading key: italicized text is intended to be removed, bold text is to be added).

While we may think that it is impossible for such a far-fetched idea to make it to the 2022 ballot, let alone get passed, we must take this threat seriously.  This is just one in many recent attempts to curtail hunting, fishing, and trapping in the western states.  There is currently a similar, though less extreme, version being fought in Colorado.


One of the most important things our membership can do is register to vote and turn out for elections.  The controversial Measure 18 from 1994 was passed by a slim 3% margin and we are still feeling the effects of it today.  We cannot be apathetic to these attempts to curtail or outright ban hunting, fishing, and trapping in Oregon; we have to exercise our rights by voting on ballot measures.  To register to vote, click HERE.


Donate to OHA’s Hunters Victory Fund for this and other legal and legislative efforts, by clicking HERE.


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