Meet Our Board

State Officers:

President – Steve Hagan, Sisters

Vice President – Cindy Rooney, Roseburg

Secretary – Renee Walasavage, Mosier

Treasurer – Mike Vallery, Newberg


Board of Directors:

Chair and NE Oregon Director – Fred Walasavage, Mosier

NE Oregon Director – Jim Akenson. Enterprise

NW Oregon Director – John Putman, Tillamook

NW Oregon Director – Eric Strand, Warren

Midwest Oregon Director – Paul Donheffner, Salem

SE Oregon Director – Mary Jo Hedrick, Summer Lake

SE Oregon Director – Craig Foster, Lakeview

SW Oregon Director – Bob Webber, Port Orford

SW Oregon Director – Kelly Forney, Roseburg

Youth Ambassador – Garret Clark, Medford

Steve Hagan


Making lifetime memories and lifelong friends while enjoying our hunting heritage in our amazing Oregon outdoors as often as possible; doing the policy work necessary to help conserve wildlife, protect, restore and conserve wildlife habitat, and ensure hunting remains lawful in the state of Oregon.

Cindy Rooney


Cindy is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Roseburg/Dixonville, Oregon, to a logging and ranching family. She has a great appreciation and love for the outdoors. Cindy graduated from Glide High School and attended Eastern Oregon State University where she studied Rangeland Science and Agribusiness. She later attended Umpqua Community College and then started her legal career; she has been with the law offices of Dole Coalwell as the probate paralegal since 2001. Cindy is a strong believer in protecting our hunting heritage, passing her love for the outdoors to the next generation and management of our wildlife and lands to benefit all user groups.

Renee Walasavage


As an avid outdoorswoman, Renee is inspired to give back to the sport that has provided her with many opportunities and adventures that have enriched her life.
Her passion for hunting has led her to serve on the board of the Mid-Columbia Chapter for the last 20 years and co-creator of the highly successful Youth Turkey Clinic.
Renee's desire is to inspire other families in outdoor activities and support OHA’s mission of preserving our hunting heritage.

Mike Vallery

Mike Vallery


Fred Walasavage

Board Chair/NE Director

Fred is an avid outdoorsman, stating: "I believe that if I do not have at least four adventures planned beyond my next one, I am not living life to the fullest. When I am not seeking adventures, I am advocating for the sport I love."

Jim Akenson

NE Director

Jim was formerly the Senior Conservation Director for OHA and lives in Enterprise. He has written and delivered many hunter-supporting testimonies to the OR F&W Commission and other decision-making bodies. Jim has worked professionally as a wildlife research biologist for ODFW and the University of Idaho. He enjoys all forms of hunting, flyfishing, and packing with mules. Jim currently Chairs the newly formed OHA Advisory Committee.

Eric Strand

NW Director

Eric is a native Oregonian who's spent the last 20 years serving as a board member for the Oregon Waterfowl Festival, Oregon Duck Hunters Association and the Columbia County chapter of OHA. An avid archery, rifle and bird hunter, his passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors is equal to his dedication for the protection of our state's wildlife and the legacy we pass down to the next generation. As hunters and stewards of the land it is our job to promote the hunting heritage, access to public lands and striving for sustainable herd management of our ungulates, birds and other native wildlife.

John Putman

NW Director

John R. Putman is an avid deer, elk and turkey hunter and avid fly fisher (and a ‘fly fishing professor’ at Tillamook Bay Community College), and strong believer in OHA’s grassroots hunter heritage and science-based mission for, and hunters’ role in, Oregon’s wildlife management. Putman joined OHA in 2010, and has been Tillamook chapter president since 2013. Putman has been an OHA State Board, NW director since 2014 where he has been active on OHA State Board’s Wildlife and Legislative Committees. He successfully represented OHA in the Governor’s Oregon Solutions’ Clatsop Plains Elk Management Project (2019 - 2021), a comprehensive and continuing elk management effort among local, state and federal governments, and of private businesses and non-profit entities. John R. Putman worked for ODFW and USFWS for a combined 10 years during and after attending Oregon State University (B.S. in Wildlife Science, 1980) and before attending Willamette University College of Law (Juris Doctorate, 1989). John R. Putman is an attorney in statewide private practice in Tillamook, Oregon, representing private and government clients, i.e. former City Attorney for both Tillamook (17 years) and Rockaway Beach (10 years), on a variety of civil matters, primarily in Wills, trusts, real estate and probate matters.

Paul Donheffner

Midwest Director

Paul is life member hunter and advocate for all of our sporting family. His life revolves around the seasons, duck-goose, turkey, varmint, fishing, deer, elk and all of the outdoor adventures, friends and great memories that come with it. Paul is passionate about OHA's work protecting our rights to fish, hunt, defend our 2A rights and improve the management of our fish and wildlife that we fund and support.

Mary Jo Hedrick

SE Director

Mary Jo recently retired after 30 years with ODFW with 24 years in Summer Lake as the Assistant Lake District Wildlife Biologist, providing her extensive experience with wildlife management and habitat requirements of wildlife in the Southeast area. She is passionate about Oregon’s wildlife, in particular mule deer and improving their habitat. She is a strong supporter and advocate for hunting, trapping and public access. She has been a Hunter Education instructor for 25+ years and strongly believes in passing on ethical safe hunting and trapping skills. She represents OHA on the BLM Southeast Oregon Resource Advisory Committee.

Craig Foster

SE Director

Craig has been hunting and fishing most of his life. This has led him to choose a career in the outdoors. Craig worked for ODFW for 35 years as a wildlife technician, an Assistant District Bio and finally retiring as a Supervising Wildlife Biologist. He has been an active OHA member for many years and has served on the OHA wildlife advisory committee.

Bob Webber

SW Director

Bob has been a lifelong hunter and fisherman. He has had the privilege to serve on both the OHA Board and the ODFW Commission and believes the management of our wildlife should be based on the best science available, but also considerate of social issues. He was raised in NW Oregon but lived for the last 50 years in SW Oregon.

Kelly Forney

SW Director

Kelly has been involved with the study and management of predators for 45 years in Oregon, working and providing trained hounds on five ODFW cougar projects.
Serving on the OHA Umpqua Chapter board since 2001, Kelly is an OHA Learn to Hunt program instructor, ODFW shotgun coach and ODFW cougar and bear volunteer agent.
As a native Oregonian and lifelong hunter he is deeply committed to preserving our hunting heritage and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Garrett Clark

Youth Ambassador

Garrett began his hunting journey at the age of nine through the mentored youth program. Since then he has traveled across the state fulfilling his love for the outdoors. Duck, upland bird, turkey, deer, and elk season keep him busy but his real passion is engaging fellow youth to partake in the sport in hopes of keeping our hunting heritage alive. He believes that hunting allows you to experience things many only dream of and sharing those moments with others is what makes the sport so special.