OHA Legislative Report 

OHA Opposes Initiative Petitions 43 and 44

The OHA Board and Legislative Committee have reviewed IP 43 and 44. We’re been working diligently preparing comments and strategy to stop these ill-conceived and grossly misleading measures. IP 43 would make felons out of law abiding citizens who own a semi-automatic weapon. Even citizens who registered their firearms would be prohibited from using them on public lands. OHA is coordinating with other gun rights organizations to block this measure from reaching the ballot box.

OHA comments outlining our objections to the draft ballot title on IP 43 have been submitted to Oregon’s Secretary of State and Attorney General. Our comments can be found at http://ohacomments.webs.com

Clearly, IP 43 violates our right to bear arms under the Oregon Constitution and the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If a challenge to the ballot title doesn’t stop it, we anticipate this ending up in court. OHA will be prepared to do everything it can on behalf of our members to defend our rights.

Measure 44 also raises concerns over how it would impact youth hunts, since minors would always need to be under direct supervision. Comments on IP 44 are being prepared for the May 15 deadline. Both measures are the biggest assault we’ve ever seen on our ability to own, hunt and defend ourselves with the firearm of choice.


OHA Lobbyist Al Elkins Email: alvinelkins@yahoo.com


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