Getting Permission to Hunt on Private Land


Hunters must have permission to hunt on private land in Oregon. Typically, this means you have contacted a landowner ahead of time and received verbal or (even better) written permission. Oregon does have special access programs that allow walk-in access on private lands. Below, we’ll share some resources for building your private land hunting repertoire and seeking out some programs that ODFW offers.

Further Reading

ODFW Private Land Access Programs

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers several programs that provide public hunting on private land. Unfortunately, these programs are complex and confusing — especially to the newcomer. But, if you ready slowly and pick up the phone to talk with ODFW field staff, you can learn the nuances and details of these programs that provide thousands of acres of free access for big game, upland, and waterfowl hunting habitat.

Private Land Access:

Private Timber Access

There are dozens of private timber companies in Oregon, and many of them provide hunting access. Each timber company maintains different rules, calendars, and fee schedules around their hunting access, so hunters must do their homework before hopping on to a timber company parcel. Bigger timber companies will often ask you to register for a permit that grants you access to certain areas. Subleases are available with some companies, which for a hefty fee can get you exclusive hunting access to chunks of private timber land. This “pay to play” system is popular on the east coast and increasing in popularity here in Oregon.

Just a heads up, private timber land can close at a moment’s notice. Even if you have a permit, the timber companies have a vested interest in protecting their timber from fire danger so will shut down in hot or dry weather. This can ruin early season hunting plans in Oregon, so hunters can’t always bank on private timber parcels and need backup plans in place.

RESOURCE  Inventory of private timber companies that provide hunting access with up to date opening/closure information