Anti-poaching funds facing budget axe

By July 30, 2020August 5th, 2020OHA News

By Al Elkins, OHA Lobbyist


After receiving all the state agency submissions on budget cuts for the 2020-21 biennium, the legislature put together a cut list that recommended slashing general funds for the OHA-supported anti-poaching program and OSP wildlife enforcement positions.

OHA testified during a legislative budget hearing on the need to protect Oregon’s wildlife, and asked that these two especially important programs keep their funding levels.

The legislature will make the final decision on these programs during Special Session 2.

In July, the Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted ODFW’s requested budget for the 2021-23 biennium. There was no fee increase request in this budget request. The budget now goes to the Governor and then to the legislature in 2021 for final approval.

OHA will advocate for more game enforcement and anti-poaching program dollars.

In addition to the 2021-23 budget submission, all state agencies were asked to submit budget cuts for the current 2019-21 biennium. This is due to projected loss of general fund revenues considering the current pandemic crisis.

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