OHA surveys members on major regs change proposals

By July 25, 2020August 5th, 2020OHA News

By Jim Akenson, OHA Sr. Conservation Director


OHA recently surveyed 5,000 members for whom we have email addresses to gauge their opinions on ODFW’s latest proposed major changes to big game hunting regulations.

OHA asked opinions on: moving Cascade elk rifle season back to November; making all or part of eastern Oregon controlled hunting for archery elk; and making all eastern Oregon limited entry for archery mule deer.

More than 1,400 members provided these responses:

  • Cascade elk rifle hunt back to November:

Yes 63%, No 15%, Unsure 21%

  • Going to controlled hunting

in E. Oregon for archery elk:

Yes 52%, No 32%, Unsure 16%

  • Going to controlled hunting

in E. Oregon for archery deer:

Yes 43.7%, No 43.6%, Unsure 12%

OHA representatives used our survey information to compare with ODFW’s broader Oregon hunters sampling during the Sport Group Leaders virtual meeting held on June 25.

OHA will feature the same three survey questions on our monthly website poll this summer – one each summer month – appearing at the bottom of the home page.

To sign up to receive future OHA alerts and surveys, visit our website at https://oregonhunters.org



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