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New gun control petitions filed

By Al Elkins, OHA Lobbyist


Petitioners have filed two Initiative Petitions that apply to certain semiautomatic firearms. If passed, they would raise the minimum age to purchase those firearms to 21, tighten background check requirements, institute a five-day waiting period on new purchases and ban magazines over 10 rounds.

The petitioners must gather 1,000 signatures to send the initiative petition to the state Attorney General and Supreme Court for the ballot title and definition.

Once approved, the petitioners then must gather some 112,000 signatures to place the petitions on the ballot in November.

The petitions are referred to as: #60 Reduction of Gun Violence Act through Regulation of Semiautomatic Firearms and Large-Capacity Ammunition Magazines and #61 Reduction of Gun Violence through Regulation of Semiautomatic Assault Firearms.

Legislative Session Updates

  • Anti-Poaching Campaign While the 2020 legislative session does not officially start until February, OHA is working with legislators in drafting a bill that would be the final piece to the OHA “anti-poaching campaign.” The bill changes statute language to make it easier to prosecute poachers who declare they reside in multiple states.
  • Organized Hunts for Veterans

During a recent meeting of the Senate Interim Committee on Veterans, a representative from the NW Steelheaders Association presented a proposal that establishes organized group angling or shellfish activities for Oregon residents. The chairman of the committee, Senator Alan Olson, said during the hearing that he would like to see this concept include hunting, as well. OHA will work with ODFW and Senator Olson to review this proposal.

  • Coyote Contest Ban

A bill to ban “coyote contests” will once again be introduced, and this time in the 2020 Legislative Session. A similar bill introduced in 2019 passed the Senate, but failed to pass the House.

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