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ODFW proposes more changes in hunting regs

By Jim Akenson, Sr. Conservation Director


In the latest phase of its effort to simplify hunting regulations, ODFW is proposing significant changes to 2020 big game hunts. Highlights of proposed changes include:

  • 127 existing hunts consolidated into 49 hunts.
  • 91 hunt dates expanded, made simpler or made consistent with other hunts, including expanding the dates of most bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunts to at least one month long.
  • 85 hunt areas expanded to the entire unit or hunt boundaries made simpler.
  • 57 bag limits made simpler or made consistent with other hunts, including a proposal to change Western Oregon deer bag limits to “buck with visible antler” and “antlerless deer.”
  • Nine new controlled hunt opportunities, including three late-season mule deer hunts, two mountain goat hunts, and a pronghorn hunt.

It’s critical that hunters stay informed and comment on the proposals. ODFW will host 18 public meetings around the state in July; please attend and comment. OHA will submit comments at the Sept. 13 Commission meeting, where a decision will be made on proposed changes.

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