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OHA awards $31,000 to fund three projects

By Ken McCall, OHA Vice President

The OHA State Board has approved three new wildlife grants this spring:

4 $12,000 for GPS transmitters for an Oregon State University/ODFW study of sage grouse habitat and population recovery following the recent devastating fires in the Trout Creek Mountains. Studies will add to the knowledge of habitat used by the birds and aid in their recovery.

  • $4,000 for a winter forage grant for black-tailed deer and elk winter range habitat improvements by removing conifers and other competing vegetation species to promote early seral forage on Forest Service lands in the Butte Falls area in the Rogue Unit.
  • $15,000 for winter range forage improvements and protection of year-round water sources near Fort Rock. This project is directly linked to OHA’s efforts to improve wildlife passage between winter and summer range currently affected by deer/vehicle collisions on Highway 97 south of Bend.

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