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Gun bills to be heard in Oregon Legislature

The Oregon Legislature is getting ready to announce new gun legislation being crafted behind closed doors. We anticipate public hearings being announced on short notice to roll out the secret bill – some combination of several bills that have already been introduced.

OHA has now seen the actual language from one of the gun bills being considered by the Legislature.  SB-978-1 is available to read: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/ProposedAmendment/14732  .  The bill is scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, April 2 at 8 am in HR 50.  It contains a variety of provisions.  Key items impacting OHA members include allowing gun dealers to set minimum age for sales of firearms and ammunition anywhere they choose between 18 and 21.  Other big items include requirements for firearm storage, loss or theft reporting and access by minors.  While not quite as bad as IP44, the bill would put the burden on gun owners for safe storage and theft reporting or they become the criminal.  OHA believes safe storage is the owner’s responsibility, not the state’s.  Fortunately, the transfer to minor supervision provisions do exempt minors who own the gun, or have a valid hunting license.  The bill also deals with guns from unfinished frames/receivers, undetectable or untraceable firearms, concealed carry fees, and restrictions on carry in certain public places.  There is a lot to digest, but for the most part it isn’t quite as bad as some of the other bills we’ve seen.  OHA will be submitting comments on the bill next week.  We encourage everyone to look at the bill and get your comments to the Senate Judiciary Committee:  https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Committees/SJUD/2019-04-02-08-00/Agenda.
For examples of gun restrictions likely to be considered, look at: HB 2251, HB 2505 and SB 275 and SB 501. Read these to get a full idea of what is being considered:
HB 2251
HB 2505
SB 275
SB 501
How can you comment on something you can’t see? OHA is suggesting members use the “shotgun” approach to JUST SAY NO to the following ideas that are very likely to be the subject of the gun bill:
· definition of “assault” rifles and complete ban on sale/possession, or
· registration of “assault” firearms with Oregon State Police
· raising minimum age to purchase “assault” rifle or transfer handguns to 21
· prohibitions on large capacity magazines (likely over 5 or 10 rounds), including handguns
· limits on buying ammunition
· tighter background checks and restrictions, delay of purchases
· storage/locking bills to require guns be kept or transported under lock
· a crime of endangering minor by allowing access to firearms
· gun theft reporting bills with strict liability for failure to report
If we wait for release of a public hearing time and date, and the actual secret bill, there will be NO TIME to submit your comments. All of this is going to happen in the next couple of weeks! So now is the time to contact legislators with your opinions.
Members of the House Judiciary Committee can be contacted here:
Rep. Jennifer Williamson, Chair – Rep.JenniferWilliamson@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Chris Gorsek, Vice Chair – Rep.ChrisGorsek@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, Vice Chair – Rep.SherrieSprenger@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Jeff Barker – Rep.JeffBarker@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Janelle Bynum – Rep.JanelleBynum@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Mitch Greenlick – Rep.MitchGreenlick@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Rick Lewis – Rep.RickLewis@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Mike McClain – rep.mikemclane@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Carla Piluso – rep.carlapiluso@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Karin Power – Rep.KarinPower@oregonlegislature.gov
Rep. Duane Stark – Representative Duane Stark
Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee can be found here:
Senator Floyd Prozanski, Chair – Sen.FloydProzanski@OregonLegislature.gov
Senator Kim Thatcher, Vice Chair – Sen.KimThatcher@oregonlegislature.gov
Senator Cliff Bentz – Sen.CliffBentz@oregonlegislature.gov
Senator Shema Fagan – Sen.ShemiaFagan@oregonlegislature.gov
Senator Sara Geisler – Sen.SaraGelser@oregonlegislature.gov
Senator Dennis Linthicum – sen.DennisLinthicum@oregonlegislature.gov
Senator James Manning Jr. – Senator James Manning Jr.
In addition, you should contact your own Senator or Representative to share your thoughts. As law abiding sportsmen and sportswomen who own and use firearms for hunting, target practice and self defense, it is crucial that your voice be heard! Don’t delay. Act now to protect your rights and our hunting heritage!
You can find your legislator by visiting this site:
This alert was brought to you by OHA’s Hunter Victory Fund. To contribute to OHA’s legal and legislative efforts to defend Oregon’s hunting heritage, please visit: https://oregonhunters.org/donate/



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